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Grace Gedeon adds a unique combination of head and heart to her extraordinary skill as a life coach. Her intellectual capacity combined with her huge compassion make a transforming mark on those who experience her work.

Marianne WilliamsonAuthor of A Return to Love, Illuminate, Everyday Grace and A Course in Weight Loss

What others say

Grace Gedeon has changed my life! I can honestly say that I have her to thank for being happy again. I found a job I love, relationships with family and friends are the best they’ve ever been and I’m finally in the relationship I always dreamed of. Grace has an innate way of tuning in to what I need to address and it’s gotten me to where I am today. I’ve found my life coach for life! Thank you Grace, I couldn’t have done this without you!

Vicki Bobotis

Insightful, Inspired coaching from someone living and sharing her own amazing journey.
Despite her obvious massive breadth of knowledge and intelligence, this is not just text book guidance or a lofty expert on a pedestal here, Grace brings her own profound experience to the sessions in a humble, sometimes outrageously funny and always healing way.
Be prepared to be truly challenged to change and yet also, in a simple breath, possibly experience the deepest of realisations.
Invaluable in my life. Don’t deny yourself her compassionate, transforming mastery.

Bob Burns

Grace is special. Her uniqueness is in her intuition, empathy and genuine warmth. Grace has been on ‘my team’ for several years and I can honestly say that this has not always been an easy relationship for me to have. There have been tears and anger but ah, so much growth. In Grace, I found someone who has bothered to get to know me, who digs deep to better understand, who probes and pushes, who encourages, who loves.
Grace is grace….

Carol Camilleri

Grace is my Chairman, confident and voice or reason. She is the only appointment in my diary that has never been broken, because it benefits my life more than anything else I could be doing at the time (especially golf!).
In the time I have been seeing Grace I have shed baggage that was destroying my life, I become more confident, have higher genuine self esteem, calmer, and my income has more than doubled.
Not a bad outcome for a chance referral.

Peter Starr

Grace Gedeon has a unique ability to break through the barriers. She’s a brilliant professional in her field. She offers a very compassionate approach, intuitive in her assessment and clear about how to approach change and transformation with the issues presented to her. I wouldn’t trust anyone one else. Very grateful indeed.

Carolyn Flower

Grace is one of a kind. She has been incredible in transforming my life and the lives of my friends who I suggest to see her in so many profound ways. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Tom Oakley

Grace is am amazing woman who inspires and empowers you to be who you need to be. You could only be so lucky as to have a session with her, she takes you places, where traditional psychotherapy falls way short.

Elle Pap

Grace has been an amazing & wonderful life coach for me for the previous six years. Her naturally intuitive nature accompanied by degrees in different sectors, really allows her to offer an all round approach that isn’t pigeon holed to certain views within an industry thus enabling her to coach to specific & individual needs of her clients

Chris Helich

Grace is a very skilled and professional life coach. She has provided a safe and non-judgemental environment for me to learn new skills to free me from old habits that no longer were useful for me. With Grace’s guidance and knowledge I have learnt a great deal about myself. I know my life has changed and I’m thankful for all I have learned from her. She is truly a beautiful and insightful woman.

Michelle Kirkpatrick

Pint-sized she may be, but Grace Gedeon can fill an entire room, from floor to ceiling, with her warmth, wit and wisdom. I love her. She changed my life. I’ve considered giving her a big ol’ bear-hug but I worry that I’ll go overboard in my enthusiasm and some of the supernova that lives within her might get squished out. That’d be AWFUL. Because it’s perfect just where it is.

Cheryl Fitzell

Absolutely outstanding and deeply insightful. Super intelligent, caring and dedicated to excellence . Always gets it . Very empathetic. I definitely think we are lucky to have an international superstar in Grace.

Misse Bear

Grace is a bloody legend! Tough when it’s needed, compassionate full of love and warmth, with a wicked sense of humour. Has lived life so shares through experience rather than text book and opinions. A role model for women, I love her very much. She helped me to LIVE in life

Stephanie Pick

Grace was so caring and gentle, from the first appointment I knew that I was with someone I could open up to and explore the issues concerning me. Grace is very real in her coaching approach, I felt totally understood by her and appreciated the structure and support she provided. Grace has had an enormous impact in my life. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her.

Jane BInterior Stylist, New York, USA
Grace is incredibly intuitive. She has a deep knowing that can identify your core issue very quickly. She ‘gets’ you, and you instantly feel really safe with her. She is very intelligent and helps you to understand what is happening, why it is happening, and how it is impacting your life. Her approach is supportive, grounded and practical. You walk away feeling empowered and knowing which steps to take.
Grace has a really warm, nurturing spirit and her compassion is boundless. I personally credit Grace for helping me to understand, for the first time ever, what truly triggers my fears and why I turn to food for safety. Having fluctuated all my life, I now know that true freedom is not found in the perfect diet, or in the number on the scales, but in the way I inhabit my body.
I feel so fortunate to have met and worked with Grace, and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
In one session, Grace was able to identify the root cause of my issues that 10 years of CBT psychology could not.

She has been ‘my miracle’ and I’m profoundly grateful to her.  She is caring and gentle, yet manages to hit you right between the eyeballs in the most enlightening way. Her intuitive  approach has seen me face my issues with eating disorders, love addiction, relationships and self esteem problems head on. Forget the self help books, forget the diets, forget traditional therapy methods;  Grace combines her many years of formal education and training with the most advanced, innovative, intuitive and spiritual techniques. If you truly want your life to change. See Grace Gedeon, your life will never be the same again, it will be so much better!
Thank you Amazing Grace!  Seeing you is the best thing I ever did!
AmandaSydney, Australia

13 years ago I was in a very dark place I had hit rock bottom and could not see any future for myself. I tried a number of psychotherapists and could not connect and my life was spinning out of control then a friend sent me to see Grace. We had an instant connection. I was no longer sitting opposite a therapist who was disconnected and could not relate I was with someone who understood and I could connect on an emotional level. With Grace’s expert guidance, empathy and knowledge I was able to pull myself out of the emotional gutter I was in and move on with my life. I have since been a much happier fulfilled and successful person and I owe it to the expert guidance from Grace.


When I first saw Grace I was depressed and having a difficult time starting a new business venture. Her enthusiasm, persistence and relentless passion guided me through the mire and kept me going. Grace’s incredible insight, empathy and understanding enabled me to begin a difficult, yet enormously rewarding journey of self discovery and understanding, the key to change and power. She helped me to identify and deal with limiting beliefs and patterns which had caused depression, uncertainty and unhappiness in my life and which prevented me from being who I wanted to be and doing what I wanted to do. I cannot recommend her highly enough, whether as a life guide or coach.

Rhea LiebmannLawyer/Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia

I believe everyone should have someone like ‘Grace’ in their life – someone who has gone through significant healing themselves, who is qualified, independent and objective, who will listen and not judge and give sound advice. I’ve never been a supporter of the more clinical side of psychology. I like Grace because she takes a totally spiritual approach to her coaching and encourages my decision making to come from a point of compassion, love and faith. On the other hand, she used to be a lawyer, so is very capable of giving me a very direct dose of reality when I need it. If you are committed to healing yourself, then simply call Grace.

Carolyn TateAuthor, Marketer, Speaker, Melbourne, Australia (and France)

Thank you for an incredible year. Your support hard work and dedication to me has been a God send. Thank you so much I can’t tell you how much it means to have someone I can work with like you and I think the proof is in the pudding, what a year. I have a kind of momentum now that I just don’t think stops, it’s more like a way of life. This has been such a huge year on so many levels and it still feels like I am only just getting started! Anyway just wanted to say how lucky I feel to have you in my life and to say that the work you do way above and beyond is appreciated.


I am so glad you gave up law, because you have found your calling! You have such a gift for zeroing in on the crux of the problem, and give such stellar guidance. You are so charismatic, with a razor sharp intelligence and wit, yet deliver it all with such compassion. I hope you know how powerful, wonderful and truly special you are. Thank you for flying half way around the world to give so much to all of us.

Participant, A Course in Weight Loss RetreatSan Diego, CA

I am just one of the many you impacted without actually speaking to me personally. I was in awe of your brilliance “getting” what people’s issues were. Thank you for that amazing model. Thank you for your graciousness. I just wanted you to know the HUGE DIFFERENCE you made for me (and all others) this weekend.

Participant, A Course in Weight Loss RetreatSan Diego, CA

Thank you for being the smart intuitive healer that you are. You have helped me unlock something big and I am so very grateful.

Participant, A Course in Weight Loss RetreatSan Diego, CA