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Learn your theories well, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the human soul.
– Carl Jung 


You only have one life. Who teaches you how to make the most of it? Your parents teach you values, our education system prepares you to enter the workforce, but who helps you to deeply understand your emotions? Who facilitates your inquiry into your life’s purpose and why you make the choices you make. Who helps you navigate the dark corners of your subconscious mind and overcome issues of, for example, low self-esteem or when and how you can find love and fulfilment?

These are vital life matters that you are required to know without any structured learning. Somehow, you are just meant to work these things out. Maybe you read Kierkegaard or Nietzsche or Jung or religious texts. Maybe you read self help books or watch Oprah or YouTube or TED talks. Do you really want to piece the puzzle of life together like this when you can have a trained professional guide you every step of the way?

This is the role of the life coach. A life coach is a teacher, a mentor, a guide, with the ability and the skill to create a safe environment for a deep and profound exploration of your life and how to make it the best life you can live. You can delve into any area and discover how your psyche is working for or against you. Dismantling the barriers of the subconscious mind is key to becoming the best version of you. You need insight into your subconscious mind so you can learn to control destructive urges, and let go of limiting beliefs and access your inner reserves of power, creativity and magic.

The purpose of life coaching is to show you how to achieve authentic transformation and self-actualisation.The journey towards self-actualisation consists of a number of critical steps. It begins with turning self-consciousness into self-awareness, self-awareness into self-love; self-love into self-esteem and, finally, self-esteem into self-actualisation. If you do this for yourself then you can create transformation in all areas of your life. In life coaching the journey begins with the relationship with yourself. Let’s look at these steps.


Self-consciousness is like having a critical, judgemental and insecure witness to your every move. It’s your subconscious mind turning your focus on yourself, wondering how everyone else sees you, and interpreting your world from a place of insecurity. Self-consciousness feeds feelings of inadequacy and co-dependency.


Self-awareness enables you to be aware of how your behaviour impacts you and those around you. It also helps you to notice how the behaviour of others impacts you. Self-awareness gives you the necessary information to affect changes for your greater good and the greater good of others.


Self-love is a delicious feeling of enjoying your own company and your being. Self-love is much like when someone else loves you and you feel that you are being appreciated, listened to with compassion and kindness, and cherished just for being you.


The effects of low self-esteem are insidious. In fact, low self-esteem is the enemy of happiness and the root of many cases of anxiety and depression and other mood disorders. In my opinion, self-esteem, on a spiritual level, is valuing yourself just because you exist, you are a creation of divine intelligence, and a such you are priceless. On a physical and behavioural level, self esteem is best defined in Chapter 15 of Edmund Bourne’s, The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. In it, he describes self-esteem as a way of thinking, feeling and acting that implies that you accept, respect, trust and believe in yourself. It is a measure of the value you ascribe to yourself and is reflected in how you treat yourself day to day.


Building self-esteem is a key step on your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilled life, one where you feel whole, at peace, of service, in essence, self-actualised. Self-actualisation is an in-built drive to become that which we were meant to be as well as a destination of wholeness. When you climb the steps to self-actualisation, you overcome the negative self-talk that stems from the shadow within your subconscious mind. You embrace yourself as a unique and valuable human being who has much to contribute to the world and you can finally be at peace with your authentic self.


I am a passionate and dedicated life coach whose joy in life is to help you and all those interested in genuine self inquiry to create a rewarding , emotionally balanced, amazing life.

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55 Min Session $350, 85 Min Session $525, 10 Pack 55 Min Sessions $2,940, 10 Pack 55 Min Sessions with text support $3,150