Your subconscious mind has a powerful impact on the quality of your life and can have a significant impact on your happiness, your health and wellbeing, your relationships and your success. You may have no idea how your subconscious works or how to align it with the power of your conscious mind. When you understand the real workings of your psyche – and what makes you think and act in the way you do – you will gain greater control over your life and have the tools to actualize your potential, release limiting beliefs and create the best possible life for yourself.

Grace Gedeon has developed a unique capacity to intuitively and clinically diagnose the psychological factors that stand in the way of your success and fulfillment and teaches effective techniques to help you transform any area of your life – health, relationships, career and finances – in a deep and long lasting way.

Guidance and skills are offered to help you develop personally. This may involve building your self esteem, improving familial relationships, forming loving partnerships, ending destructive patterns and addictions, gaining insight into a problem or situation that has perplexed you and caused you distress, overcoming trauma and many other personal issues and blocks.

Many people come to Grace for career, business and executive coaching. Perhaps, they are having difficulty finding work they are passionate about; perhaps they are underpaid or overlooked. At times executives may have problems with managing teams, delegating, time management, anger management, morale issues and work-life balance. Yet others may be confronting compulsive debting or spending problems, an inability to save or accrue wealth and a variety of money related issues. By using her legal and business experience, Grace can help people reassess and restructure their finances and develop a career path that most suits their vision, values and gifts.

In addition to her skills as an international life coach, Grace’s main expertise lies in the field of addictions of all forms. Her personal journey with food addiction and knowledge in this area enabled her to assist her friend and colleague, Marianne Williamson with her book – A Course in Weight Loss – a profound and life changing look at healing from food addiction and compulsive eating through A Course in Miracles approach to this troubling problem.